Connect With Our Global Visual Arts Director, Katrina Andry


Who: ADC Global Visual Arts Director, Katrina Andry

Art and the African Diaspora: “Art is a reflection of the times. It is a visual representation of something you have to say. Schools need to study the how and why of art, especially as it relates to the Diaspora. A common perception is that artists are creating because they feel like it. Scholars need to understand the why so that they understand the purpose and are not reinforcing stereotypes that our art is primitive. Scholars need to understand art as an intellectual pursuit. Art is more than therapy or a hobby. There is a lack of seriousness about art in students’ education. In addition, Black artists often get grouped together. An American White artist wouldn’t be grouped with European artists, but that same isn’t true for the Diaspora. We all get grouped together, and so as we educate it is also important to distinguish, recognize and highlight the diversity that exists within the Diaspora.”  

Why ADC: “I have been given a lot of range to develop art and opportunities to connect and work with phenomenal artists like Delfeayo. I am excited to be currently working on the first iteration of the exchange program which takes students to four different places across the globe, including Bermuda. Students will work on a project where they learn about the Diaspora and use locally sourced materials to create their work.”

To See more of Katrina’s work, visit

To See more of Katrina’s work, visit

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