Student Study Exchange

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The African Diaspora Consortium’s Globalization Student Exchange (ADCGSE) curriculum was designed to promote social justice, citizen service, and social entrepreneurship among sophomore college students from eight international contexts. The curriculum is structured to give students from participating countries opportunities to learn about one another’s cultures and life experiences while focusing on community development/artistic engagement and service learning projects. The curriculum focuses on broad themes of “Civil and Human Rights”. The topic for each 10-15- day experience pertains to social, cultural, economic, and political issues pertinent to each of the participating communities and follows an outline and content from the African Diaspora College Board approved AP Capstone Seminar. Each cohort of students will be broken into respective teams who will work collaboratively over the period of one year to develop and implement a defined knowledge-producing project that enhances their knowledge and personal relationships as future leaders. Under Dr. Kim Archung’s leadership, who serves as the ADC Vice President for Global Student Affairs, collaborative work with our university and country partners has taken place to develop this re-imagined student exchange model.